Copy Drivers from Old Boot Image to the New one (WinPE)

Recently at a client’s site SCCM was upgraded from 1802 to 1810 (Not by me). Unfortunately Client had custom Boot images created using MDT which had a lot of Applications injected in it (Not sure why). Since ADK was upgraded to v10, Old Boot Image lost its Driver Tab to add/check Drivers in WinPE boot image. I wanted exact drivers from my Boot Image for 1803 Deployment (That is what client wanted). So I searched on Internet to find some help of PowerShell to import drivers from existing WinPE boot Image to the new one. This script I found on Technet Gallery. Its very easy to use and works.

Command is below. Download the Script attached.
Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy bypass
.\Copy-FBBootImageDrivers.ps1 -siteserver “SiteServerFQDN” -sitecode “SiteCode here” -SourceBootImageID “Package ID of Shource Boot Image” -DestinationBootImages “Package ID of Target Boot Image” -Verbose

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