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How to install PLACENTA add-on on KODI (COVENANT and EXODUS Fork)

Placenta is a Movies and TV Shows 3rd party add-on for KODI / SPMC by MrBlamo. The Placenta add-on is an Exodus Fork, an add-on originally created by Lambda that scrapes through different sources in order to get the most possible results. It is the new and updated add-on of the previously named Genesis add-on for KODI by the same developer. This is a 3rd party add-on that is not supported

Tech Hacks (Useful everyday)

If your phone battery is really low and if you need it for later, do not turn your phone off. Instead, put it on Airplane mode. Turning it off and on wastes more battery life. Storing batteries in freezer can double their lifespan lets you send letters to yourself in the future If you