Month: November 2020

SCCM Collection Queries

Below are a list of Queries for different kinds of collections. Its a long list. So please only copy and paste the Query which has relevance to the task you are doing. TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Not that there are any Risks. But I just wanted it to be clear before you go ahead

MSIX Packaging Fundamentals

Introduction to Modern Applications Software has traditionally been provided to you from internal and external software developers in one of the traditional forms of EXE and MSI installers. Organizations prepare the application, customizing both the form of delivery and the contents in ways that improve efficiencies and end-user satisfaction.Organizations that have moved to modern forms

Deploy Chocolatey using Intune

Create a PowerShell Script and Copy the below code in the Script. Save it as a .PS1 file and then in Intune (Microsoft Endpoint Manager). Click Devices, Windows, PowerShell Scripts, Add and Then Name Anything you want. Put Description if you like then go to next Screen. Select the .PS1 script you just created. Choose

How to deploy Notepad++ using Intune and Chocolatey

Notepad++ can be very easily deployed using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune Portal). You do not need to download any EXE or MSI file from Notepad++ site. Chocolatey takes care of it. Open Notepad or PowerShell ISE or your Favourite Text Editor. Copy and Paste below code and save file as Notepad++ or any name