BitLocker keeps asking for recovery key

A short story before we go for the solution:

I have seen an heard of this Issue a lot of times. Who wants to type a long BitLocker Recovery Key every time they Switch on their Desktop or Laptop? No One. Its annoying. HelpDesk gets calls or Personal Machine becomes annoying. As a matter of fact My son’s Brand new Gaming machine with was causing the same issue. All my house Devices are managed by my Intune Portal and BitLocker is required for every Device. I was a bit annoyed, I disabled BitLocker on his machine, enabled it again but still the same issue. After a lot of tries, below Steps worked for me. Please make sure you follow these steps in exact Sequence:

Method 1

  1. Suspend BitLocker:
    Right-click C Drive, Click Manage BitLocker, you will see a New applet opens up, Click Suspend BitLocker. You will need Admin Rights to Suspend BitLocker.

  1. Open CMD as Admin. Run the command below:
    manage-bde –protectors –disable C:
    Wait for above command to complete. Then Run the Command below in the same Window:
    manage-bde –protectors –enable C:
    Once that’s done. Shutdown the computer (DO NOT RESTART).
    Now Power On the Computer. It should not ask for the BitLocker Key.

Method 2

1.    Open command prompt and Administrator

2.    Type Manage-bde -protectors -delete C: -type TPM

3.    Type Manage-bde -protectors -add C: -tpm

Now to test it has resolved the issue you have to do this in this specific order.

1. Shutdown the laptop.

Do not use the restart option.

2. Once the laptop is off then turn it on

You should not get any prompt for the BitLocker key.

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