Windows 10 God Mode

First question comes to your mind is What is Windows 10 God Mode. Well its not a magic trick. God Mode has been available in Windows since Windows XP (At least since then I have used it). Its nothing but a Folder which has All Windows Admin/Management Tools. It kind of looks like Control Panel list but it has a lot more tools in One place then Control Panel Itself. I have attached a small Screenshot here. Its has a lot more tools then the Screenshot present here.

So, the nex questions is how to access the God mode. Its a very simple process. So before you go ahead, please make sure that you have Admin rights on your machine. This process needs to be done as an Admin.

Right click on any emmpty space on your Desktop, Click New and Select Folder. This will create a New Folder on your Desktop and ask you for the name of the folder. Copy and Paste below as your Folder name.


Tada, Your God Mode is now available. Your New folder will not show up as Control Panel ICON. It will look something like below:

Behold, You now have God Mode. Please share this article with your Friends and Colleagues or on Social Media.

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