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Deploy Chocolatey using Intune

Create a PowerShell Script and Copy the below code in the Script. Save it as a .PS1 file and then in Intune (Microsoft Endpoint Manager). Click Devices, Windows, PowerShell Scripts, Add and Then Name Anything you want. Put Description if you like then go to next Screen. Select the .PS1 script you just created. Choose

How to deploy Notepad++ using Intune and Chocolatey

Notepad++ can be very easily deployed using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune Portal). You do not need to download any EXE or MSI file from Notepad++ site. Chocolatey takes care of it. Open Notepad or PowerShell ISE or your Favourite Text Editor. Copy and Paste below code and save file as Notepad++ or any name

Get AutoPilot Hash

To get Windows 10 AutoPilot Hardware ID and Hashes to upload as CSV file. Run PowerShell ISE as Administrator. Copy and Paste below code in the Editor part on Top Window. You will get a few Prompts with Yes, Yes to All etc. Click YES and Yes to All in all Prompts. Your CSV wile

Enable single sign-on with Azure AD to Google Apps

Tutorial: Azure Active Directory single sign-on (SSO) integration with Google Cloud (G Suite) Connector In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to integrate Google Cloud (G Suite) Connector with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). When you integrate Google Cloud (G Suite) Connector with Azure AD, you can: Control in Azure AD who has access to Google

Setting up Intune

So, I was going to write a guide with Video tutorial on Intune. Fortunately I found this Video on YouTube which saved me time. Have a look at this. YEs this Video has a lot of talking then I would have done but its worth watching. I will be adding more Videos on Intune Training

How to Change SCCM Admin account

Most places I have worked where I have not done the setup of SCCM, I have noticed one thing. Almost all the places had only 1 SCCM Domain admin account instead of Service accounts to take care of Cleint Installations, SCCM Full Admin, Network Access account and SQL accounts. Kind of “One Account to Rule

Move SCCM Database To Another Drive

In my Lab, I have SCCM and SQL Server on the Same Drive. Recently I have been having issues with Low Disk Space which affected the speed and performance of my SCCM Lab. I was going to write HOW-TO on this one but then I came across Prajwal Desai’s blog. He has gone through the