Author: Zee

Install Sysinternals using Chocolatey

Sysinternals can be very easily deployed using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune Portal). You do not need to download any EXE or MSI file from site. Chocolatey takes care of it. You do not need to Install Chocolatey either. Below code will Install Chocolatey and Install Sysinternals Open Notepad or PowerShell ISE or your Favourite

Intune/Windows 10 Autopilot Firewall exceptions

All the URLs required to be put in Firewall Exception for Autopilot project. Please ask your network Team to allow below URLs for Autopilot. They are all Port 80 and Port 443 over TCP connection unless specified with URL in the list below. e.g. WIP requires port 444. Must have* Device Authentication [used

Add CmTrace to Task Sequence

After OS Installation, suddenly CmTrace cannot be found. Below is the command to add CmTrace to your Task Sequence. This will make CmTrace availble after OS Install. Add a Command line to your Task Sequence. Copy and paste line below in the command line. cmd /c xcopy X:\SMS\BIN\x64\CMTrace.exe %OSDTargetSystemDrive%\Windows\System32\ /E /H /C /I /Q /Y

Enable Mouse in OSD Task Sequence

A lot of times people wonder or ask about how to enable Mouse during OSD Task Sequence in MDT or SCCM. Here is the command. Just add a command line in your Task Sequence and copy and paste the command below: cmd.exe /c reg load HKLM\Offline c:\windows\system32\config\software & cmd.exe /c REG ADD “HKLM\Offline\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System” /v EnableCursorSuppression

PowerShell OSD scripts to Add/Remove Computer from AD group and set AD Description

Here are three of the scripts in Powershell instead, AddtoADGroup, RemoveFromADGroup And SetADdescription. They can be downloaded here: Script to add/remove Computer from AD group: Script to set the AD computer description: All scripts have to run in full OS and not in WinPE. AddToADGroup The script adds the computer it is being executed on